Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quiz-I - with Answers

Updated - Answers in Blue
For a difference, I am posting a Quiz.

  1. This Organisation has introduced a 4 day working schedule. Name it.
      • WNS Global
  2. Which company has the rights to Market Electrolux products in India?
      • Videocon
  3. For what cup did India and Pakistan play in Abudhabi?
      • DLF
  4. Northwest Venture partners, Who is the promoter of this organisation?
      • Pramod haque
  5. Which FMCG operates the wellness centers under the name ''sanjeevanam"?
      • Cholayil (They make Medimix)
  6. We all remember the Bhopal gas tragedy, and Union carbide. The question here is who owns Union carbide now?
      • Dow chemicals
Hint: Most questions have an Indian connection.


NaiKutti said...

Answer6: Dow :-)... Will wait to see the other answers... (where is my prize?)

Suresh said...

Your prize is the knowledge you get :)